My backstory //

(in the beginning)

I was raised as country folk. Growing up in a Hoosier town with a population of 216. Type of place where they have “drive your tractor to school day”. Besides teaching me midwestern manners and how to live off of the land it taught me a deep appreciation of nature and our surroundings.  I live in London now and I have that same appreciation for the opportunities available to me here. I want to create beautiful things. Let’s see if we can do that together.

My process //

(living in the now)

Depends on the project. I treat each project as it’s own entity. There is never a shortcut to design. It just takes a lot of hard work, testing and experience. I’ve been accustomed to working in an agile environment for product design. Get it out there and test it… Because you never really know how people will react until they get their hands on it. If it needs a tweak then back to the board. Work hard, try again. It’s all worth it when that product is so good it feels like you created magic.

My passion //

(the future)

I love doing digital work and the possibilities there are limitless, but I’m striving to work in a more tangible environment. You can’t escape the digital world of course, but I work best when I get my hands dirty. I love the third dimension. I have a penchant for photography and videography (do people even still use that word?). You can see more of this side in my art site. My goal is to have my art and design align together to where you can’t see the difference anymore. But until that happens I’ll continue on creating great products.

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My clients //

(real world)