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Mercer Harmonise™

+ Art Directions, UX/UI, Web Design, Animation
Custom loading animation design
I love animation work
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Some context about the project

Mercer wanted to change from business products to consumer products, starting with a dashboard for a customer’s health, pension, finance and insurance. It focuses on showing how their products can benefit their user base in a friendly and playful manner.

For this product, I also designed a conversational web form so it felt less like a task to share information. Using this collected information, we helped users figure out what they could do with their pension and financial assets.

This led to a virtual "playground" so users could visually see how using their money in different ways would affect their future gains with sliders and simple inputs.

R37 / G53 / B114
R3 / G110 / B159
R169 / G222 / B236
R0 / G169 / B201
Color Palette
Various screen shots
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