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Specialising in Brand development & UX/UI design (and much, much more…), I've helped several companies realise their digital product from ideation to completion and beyond.

+ User Research, Brand Development, Product Design, Website

CASE STUDY: Koin Rewards, an app for a positive impact

Users collect Koin for every time they shop with sustainable merchants, with a painless tracking system connected to their credit/debit card or bank account. They can use their Koin for a plethora of different sustainable causes, including but not limited to: offsetting CO2 consumption, planting trees, donating to positive campaigns, making impact investments, and  paying only for sustainable products.

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+ Website, Brand Development

CASE STUDY: Building a website for a food professional

Celia Brooks describes what she does on her business card with two words: Food Expert. Talking to her you will quickly find out that this is the truth. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the food world. Not only does she have nine internationally published cookbooks, but she has her own London food tour company called Gastrotours.

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+ MVP, Brand Development, Web App Design, Website

CASE STUDY: My Digital Journey, a web app for SMEs

Most small businesses are wandering lost in a world full of changing technology, and My Digital Journey can help people navigate this technology terrain through meetups, talks, and amassing a huge collection of free online resources for small businesses. Making UK businesses stronger in turn will make the whole of the UK stronger.

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+ Art Directions, UX/UI, Web Design, Animation

Mercer Harmonise™

Mercer wanted to change from business products to consumer products, starting with a dashboard for a customer’s health, pension, finance and insurance. It focuses on showing how their products can benefit their user base in a friendly and playful manner.

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+ Brand Development, Art Direction

Logo Design

Check out a collection of various logos I've done over the years. They are all built within a pixel-perfect grid system to look fantastic in all the various formats required.

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+ Brand Development, UX/UI, Web Design

Love Inc. Branding

Love Incorporated wanted to corner all the markets - Love Travel, Love Money, Love Food, Love Llamas… you get the idea. It opens up a lot potential for creativity, but also can dilute a brand if it stretches itself too far without a cohesive brand guideline.

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+ Art Direction, App Design & Development, UX/UI

Lovefood App

I was the Art Director and Developer for Lovefood’s quarterly magazine for tablets. They actually won the 2013 New Media Award from the Guild of Food Writers the year it came out.

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+ Product design, Packaging, Pattern design

Harry Potter Spectre Specs

During my costume design phase, I worked with Warner Bros. to create Harry Potter Spectra Specs for their upcoming movie. It gave me the chance to cross off movie product design from my bucket list!

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+ Art Direction, App design, Brand Development

Audio Steam (iOS app)

Illuminati eat your heart out. From a young age, I was always drawn towards secret societies and the occult. The mixture of science and magic is just too cool to ignore.

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+ Physical Product Design, Package Design, Art Direction

Costume design

Aside from the work aspect of costume design, I just love seeing people out in public enjoying my products. Nothing feels better than having a little kid come to your door on Halloween wearing something you designed, pretending to be that little monster yeti or whatever it is they're dressed up as!

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+ Physical Product Design, Package Design

Disney Products

I always strived to create the essence of new items. I never got samples, so I created custom printed patterns and various fabric combinations, all sourced by myself. This meant working directly with people from Disney and factories abroad to create the perfect item for retail.

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+ Photography, Blog

Robert’s Your Father’s Brother

When I moved to London from the States, it was such a monumental step for me that I wanted to catalogue my first year. It was a fantastic way to flex my photography skills every day through finding interesting compositions and writing a quick recap of the day.

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I always wanted to be a full-time artist, but life sometimes doesn’t work out the way we plan. I still create, but never as much as I want to. If you’re interested in seeing some of my work going back several years, my art site is available to check out.

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