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2011 - 12

Robert’s Your Father’s Brother

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Visiting Bath
May 6, 2011
2 minute read

Some context about the project

I wasn’t ready for the real world when I graduated with a Visual Communications degree, so I decided to goof off for a year... I mean, attend another year so I could get a second BA degree in Photography.

This second degree has helped me immensely on many projects, but I still feel like I don’t utilize it as much as I would like.

When I moved to London from the States, it was such a monumental step for me that I wanted to catalogue my first year. It was a fantastic way to flex my photography skills every day through finding interesting compositions and writing a quick recap of the day.

This was an immense exercise in discipline. There were some days I just wanted to say f$#% it and not do it, but I always forced myself through - I’m so glad that I did. It’s amazing to look back and have a history of my life for a whole year that will spark my memory and transport me back in time.

PassportssA Dassie
So what's up with this blog name Robert's Your Father's Brother? If you're not British I'm sure you're asking that exact question.
Basically, it's an elaborate way of saying Bob's Your Uncle, which is a British phrase used at the end of a sentence or collection of instructions which means "and there you have it", “that's that” or “you're all set”.
Not the greatest photo… but a fond memory of staying at Stanley Kubrick’s house in their RV like the celebrities we are.
June 30, 2011
R238 / G16 / B147
R0 / G173 / B239
R0 / G0 / B0
R255 / G237 / B10
Color Palette
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